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Power Immunity

Power Immunity



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Be sure to put 3 bottles of Power Immunity in your cart and use the code POWER to get the 3rd bottle for free!




Power Immunity is a powerful non-prescription supplement on the market, that uses an incredible proprietary blend of homeopathic ingredients to stimulate your body's own natural defense system. It can be used preventatively as an immune system booster, as well as taken at the onset of illness to help ameliorate the symptoms of viruses, colds, and flus.


Clinical studies have shown that the active proprietary ingredients in Power Immunity work together to form a strong protective agent. When tested as a pre-treatment, it elicited high levels of protection against viruses and certain other infections. The studies also showed that when cells were infected with the viral agent responsible for the common cold, treatment with POWER IMMUNITY significantly increased cell survival, and were helpful in returning the body's cells back to uninfected levels.


Power Immunity can help reduce the duration and severity of symptoms related to viruses. Tablets can be taken orally or quickly dissolve under the tongue without water or chewing. Power Immunity is non-drowsy, and has no known interactions with other medications or supplements.

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