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Double Sided Jade Stone Facial Roller

Double Sided Jade Stone Facial Roller


Jade Stone Facial Roller


Roller Length: 5.5 inches 
Wide Roller Width: 2 inches with 1.5 inch jade stone
Narrow Roller Width: 1.25 inches with 0.75 inch jade stone


Jade Rollers have been used to massage the skin since the 17th century in China. Made from solid jade, the roller is cool to the touch, which can be soothing on the skin. Some may also store their jade roller in the refrigerator or freezer.  Jade rolling is also known to increase  circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system which can decrease puffiness and minimize under-eye circles, as well as reduce swelling throughout the face.  When using the jade roller, apply gentle pressure while rolling it from the center of your face in upward and outward motions.

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